'Seven Deadly Sins' Updates: Manga Chapter 209 Will See How Elizabeth Heals; Netflix Tricked Viewers Into Watching OVA?

The upcoming chapter 209 of the hit manga series "Seven Deadly Sins" is predicted to see how Lady Elizabeth heals herself after she supposedly consumed her energy from saving Melodia's group. Meanwhile, the anime version was supposed to air its second season on Netflix last February but has released the four episode OVA instead. Fans are now wondering if the streaming service tricked them into tuning in as Netflix is still keeping mum about the alleged mistake.

In the previous chapters of the hit manga series "Seven Deadly Sins," the archangels were engaged in a battle against the Monspeet and Derieri of the Ten Commandments. They later sacrificed six of their hearts which transformed them into Indura. Ludoshel along with Sariel and Tamriel were inflicted with heavy damages whereas the Indura still appeared strong despite receiving their Ark Spells.

In the latest chapter 208, Elizabeth stood up for the group and head onto the battlefield where she unleashed her holy light which appeared to be a purification magic. Initially thinking that Elizabeth unleashes an attack to kill the monsters, her power apparently made the Indura leave the body of Monspeet and Derieri.

The upcoming "Seven Deadly Sins" chapter 209 is then predicted to see how the Four Archangels deal with the unconscious Monspeet and Derieri. Elizabeth's energy is also theorized to be almost consumed hence, chapter 9 might also see her healing process. The new chapter is yet to be released on March 14.

Meanwhile, the anime version of "Seven Deadly Sins" was supposed to air its second season on Netflix in February. The streaming service provider released a trailer similar to the video clip released in 2015 confirming that season 2 production is already underway. However, Netflix aired a four-episode miniseries which is, in fact, an OVA originally released in Japan last August 2016.

Given the lack of confirmation on this front, fans reportedly feel tricked into watching the OVA which still became a hit despite the supposed mix-up. The accusations also root from second season announcement which was advertised via a banner claiming that the new installment will start airing new episodes on Feb. 17. Netflix has not yet released a statement regarding the controversy, but fans are expecting to see the real installment soon.

Should "Seven Deadly Sins" season 2 air on Netflix soon, spoilers say that the installment will focus on the Ten Commandments Saga which is rumored to be the finale of the manga due to Nakaba Suzuki's current poor health condition. Hendricks was also mentioned to still be alive and will be seen again in the new season. Apart from these, the story arc of "Seven Deadly Sins" still remain well guarded." However, a speculation declares a full season with 24 episodes is set to come in October 2017 and will end in March 2018.

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