MacBook 2017 Updates: New Force Touch Keyboard, Price Drop, And LTE

The 12-inch MacBook is one of Apple's most popular and polarizing devices that the Cupertino-based tech giant has ever released. Featuring an Intel M-series processor, a USB Type-C port and a new keyboard with extreme capabilities, the 12-inch MacBook clearly stands out among the rest.

12-Inch MacBook Catching Up With The Popular MacBook Air

Compared to the MacBook Air, which boasted an Intel Core i-Series processor, some varieties of ports and an excellent, classic keyboard, it's clear that the 12-inch MacBook initially appeared to be Apple's marginally successful laptop. However, this year, the 12-inch MacBook might be in for yet some notable upgrade. And with these improvements, the device might finally be able to appeal towards the loyal MacBook Air fanbase.

About A Force Touch Keyboard

According to Inquisitr, one thing that has been persistently consistent in the rumor mill is the idea of a Force Touch keyboard. Very little has been known about this feature, but speculations are sky high that the 2017 12-inch MacBook might be featuring a keyboard that follows a similar system as the machine's Force Touch trackpad.

Though interesting it is, however, a good chance that such a keyboard might be introduced in the later iterations of the 12-inch MacBook. Yet for the 2017 version of the device, it would appear safe to assume that this year's MacBook would once more feature Apple's butterfly-mechanism keyboard.

A Probable Price Drop?

Lastly, one thing that has always gotten the approval of numerous MacBook fans is the idea that the 12-inch MacBook will see a drop in price. According to iMotor Times, this is partly due to the possibility that the MacBook Air, Apple's mid-tier laptop, appears to be heading for retirement.

Can The 12-Inch MacBook Replace The MacBook Air?

This probable departure of the MacBook Air would make Apple need to have a device that would cater to conventional and everyday users. For this, the 12-inch MacBook would be more than perfect. The release date of the 12-inch 2017 MacBook remains up in the air, but speculations are high that the device would be officially unveiled during the second half of 2017.

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