Apple's New MacBook Pro Touchpad Is Useless, But Why?

A lot of people have no idea whatsoever on what Apple is trying to do with its MacBook Pro lineup. Instead of incorporating some useful features that would truly make the upcoming laptop a truly revolutionary powerful laptop, Apple is just simply fixing things that aren't even broken. When talked about what the most useless feature of the MacBook Pro is, a lot of people point towards its keyboard.

About the new Touch Bar

The top row, which is was the normal location for the function keys, is now completely altered and is now replaced by what is called the Touch Bar - a feature that can be programmed to suit all sorts of chores. The MacBook Pros featuring the all-new Touch Bar do have one thing going on for them, which is an outrageously gorgeous display along with a much bigger color scheme and HDR-potential with its 500 nits of brightness.

Eliminating the Function keys will be Apple's biggest mistake

With that being said, it is a great incorporation. But the odd idea that the escape key, along with all the function keys are considered useless have been eliminated seems a bit like a misunderstanding. For all we know, all PC and laptop users are already used to the existing keyboard layout. The biggest question that people are throwing at Apple right now is, "Why drastically change it when nobody asked for it?"

Touch bar can still be modified back to the old function keys

Before everybody starts to share more and more complaints, let's also add that the Touchpad can still be reprogrammed to return the original function and escape keys. However, if you intend to use the bar for specialized apps, you are going to lose immediate access, which is very inconvenient.

The Touch Bar is not what fans want

With all complaints regarding the Touch bar, it's pretty certain that this feature on the upcoming MacBooks are not what Apple fans wanted. With that, and since the MacBook is still approaching its upcoming release, Apple might be considering all these negative comments and would resort towards incorporating the old keyboard back. But with no comments from Apple regarding this issue, it seems that they will be sticking towards this until it gets out of hand.

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