Hit Boxes In Ark: Survival Evolved Need Some Serious Fixing

There are a lot of things players love about Studio Wildcard's Ark: Survival Evolved. Well, of course, the existence of dinosaurs are one of them. Nonetheless, there are also things in the game that continue to disappoint a part of the community. The Hit Boxes are simply an epitome, and it is something that fans on social media sites have been clamoring for a fix.

A Reddit post (from user thedesertwolf) mentions the date Ark: Survival Evolved was first launched. It was specifically on June 2, 2015 and was meant for Steam's Early Access Program. Three months after that, the game has officially ran up to the present time and has been here for almost two years already.

Interestingly, as what the aforementioned fan iterates, the game is still in active development. Well, it's actually a no-brainer, as most players know and understand this. However, he points out that most of the "development talent" should focus into fixing the Hit Boxes for both the dinosaurs and the players. The player suggests that these somehow work ridiculously in the game.

For instance, in Ark: Survival Evolved, players can see a T-Rex fitting itself into a standard dinosaur gate. Add to this the fact that some Ankylosaurus tend to take serious damage from arrows that have never landed in the first place. These are just among the issues; to name a few, that need serious fixing in the game.

The above-mentioned player further comments that Studio Wildcard needs to tweak the Hit Boxes in a way that it will conform to the size of the dinosaurs. Not only because the game requires it, but it should bring drastic improvements to the quality of gameplay it offers. There are also other users on the said social media site suggesting that body proportions in the game also need some fixing. As funny as it may sound, some players are having a hard time because it can be used to block the very head of the Hit Box.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, the video game company has announced the end date of the current special Evolution Event, which the official site of the game points to Wednesday, March 15. It is worth noting that this event was made specifically as a compensation for the controversial server wipe.

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