Overwatch News: Orisa To Go Live On March 21, Blizzard Confirms

Those who have been waiting for Orisa's arrival in Overwatch are in for a treat. Blizzard just recently confirmed that the newest hero goes live, officially, on March 21 after a successful run of PTR. Players who have been eager to test the said hero and have been wondering just how powerful she is may do so next week.

Orisa Is Heading To Overwatch Next Week

Starting March 21, players can try Orisa and experience what others have said about her being "perfect" and "flawless." Orisa is not just a mechanical bot looking centaur; she is also the protector of Numbani that was created by Efi Oladele in Overwatch. However, players must know her abilities and ultimate first.

Orisa is usually on the front line of the team because she has a protective barrier that can defend her group when attacking their opponents in Overwatch. According to Eurogamer, players can maximize her barrier when used together with a weapon.

Orisa is dubbed as the central anchor of her team because of the way she will protect her teammates from the enemies in Overwatch, as per Polygon. When she starts to use her Supercharge, their enemies should expect a lot of damage from the mechanical centaur.

What Is Next For Overwatch?

After Blizzard announced that Orisa will be live next week, Blizzard confirmed that she is not the last hero to be added in Overwatch. According to Express, the developer is trying its best to create new heroes that will make the story of the game more interesting and creative.

The team is determined to incorporate heroes that will tell another story for Overwatch. However, before the developer will release a new set of heroes, they will create short cinematic series that will start to tell stories about the game.

Hopefully, Orisa will be as compelling as Blizzard described she will be. A lot of Overwatch players are expecting that the robot will be their new favorite hero and will help them in Quick Plays or even in the placement matches that are always happening every season.

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