Overwatch News & Update: Blizzard To Release A New Patch To Lessen Draws In A Match

Players are not happy with the results of their competitive matches in Overwatch. They have observed that matches in the game result to draw frequently. However, Blizzard explained that a new update will come out soon to solve the issue.

Blizzard's Plans For Overwatch's Draws

Players have told Blizzard that they are not happy with series of matches that end with a draw. Of course, they made sure that they will win in Overwatch but the competitive mode is not that competitive any more, according to VG247.

Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, revealed that the whole team is working on a patch that will solve the draws in placement rankings. However, Kaplan has not yet revealed the details of the soon-to-be released patch for improving the competitive matches.

Blizzard should act fast because players are commenting that they feel like they have wasted 20 meaningful minutes of playing Overwatch. They want their hardwork to be rewarded since being in the top 100 will give them exceptional rewards.

As per Twinfinite, even in the Capture the Flag mode of Overwatch, battles frequently result to draws also. Blizzard even confirmed that a separate update will be released for the mode. Players just have to wait a little longer for every patch to go live.

A New Patch Is Already Live In Overwatch's PTR

Patch 1.10 in Overwatch aims to improve Lucio. According to PCGamesN, his primary weapon, Sonic Amplifier has now a projectile of 50 that was formerly 40. His Crossfade has been decreased to 10 that was previously 30 meters.

Lucio's healing has been increased with 50 percent every one second. His Ultimate, Sound Barrier, has been decreased to 20 meters that was 30 meters before. His Wall Ride's speed has been increased 30 percent.

Other inclusions in the patch are new skins for heroes that will tell their past in Overwatch. It seems that Blizzard is very busy with improving the game in order to please the players. Hopefully, the developer will solve the remaining issues still hampering the players' game experience.

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