Patch 2.08 Is Now Live On Overwatch, Details Here

Blizzard has released another patch for Overwatch. Players can now enjoy the return of Capture the Flag. Other than that, the developer also fixed a couple of bugs and few tweaks for certain heroes like Orisa and Widowmaker.

New Changes In Overwatch

The players have been waiting for the return of Capture the Flag in the game. With the recently released patch 2.08 for Overwatch, they can now start playing it, according to VG247. Not only that, Blizzard also fixed some issues with Orisa and Widowmaker.

For Orisa, players noticed that when she is shooting from mid-air, she becomes slower. Blizzard added a fix for that problem while Widowmaker's tweak is a surprise for them. The developer has increased her ammo's capacity from 30 to 31.

Minor fixes like problems when the background music is not heard has been applied in Overwatch also. The Damage Amplified value will now be displayed unlike before when players do not see it while playing. However, all the changes will be available for PS4 and Xbox One platforms only.

What Is Next For Overwatch?

PC players should wait if there will be a separate patch for their platform that will improve Overwatch. However, Blizzard is thinking of new feature that might be added soon in the game. Jeff Kaplan, director, explained that the team is trying to add a map editor.

As per Express, if Blizzard will push with the map editor, it will need another new engine and that is not a simple thing to do. Other than that, the developer promises to have long-term project that will not only improve Overwatch but also add new features in the game.

Whatever will be done in Overwatch, Blizzard reassures the fans that it will be for their benefit. The players should play and see if the changes in the game that were recently added are satisfying or not. For now, players need to maximize patch 2.08.

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