Pokemon GO Update: Shiny Magikarp With A Twist Is The New Trend; Details Here

Currently, Pokémon GO is celebrating its brand new event called the Water Event Festival. The latest in-game event brings an increased spawn of all present Water-type Pokémon in the game. Meanwhile, it appears that fans are currently rooting on the useless but adorable Pokémon known as Magikarp. Reports said that it wat not because of the Pokémon itself. However, it just turns out that Magikarp is the first one to receive a Shiny version.

A few days ago, Niantic revealed the arrival of Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Their beautiful re-colors change a particular Pokémon's entire look. As a result, players are hyped to catch these unique variants of each Pokémon species. Shiny Pokémon is incredibly hard to find. That means, catching a Shiny Pokémon is a great milestone for each Pokémon GO trainer.

Meanwhile, a Shiny Magikarp is not just cool since it is considered as a collector's item but also, it turns into a powerful Gyrados while maintaining its unique color. The Shiny Gyrados or also known as the Red Gyrados was heavily known in previous Pokémon games' storyline, as Polygon reported.

Finding a Golden-colored Magikarp is not easy as it looks. However, thanks to the latest Water Festival Event, the chance of encountering this special variant has incredibly increased. That aside, having a discovery rate of 220 Magikarp to one is not ideal, which is why players should expect to still do a lot of work to find this Pokémon.

On the other hand, Forbes noted that Niantic is making fun of Shiny Magikarp's spawn, thanks to Ditto. Previously, Ditto's spawn is unique compared to other Pokémon that are present in the game since it will spawn everywhere. Its mimic ability allows Ditto to copy the entire appearance of a Pokémon appearing in the wild, which includes Shiny Magikarp. That means players are still not safe of Ditto's mischief during these times.

Pokémon GO's Water Festival Event will officially end on March 29 at 1 PM PT.


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