Pokemon GO Update: PokeHuntr Emerges As Current Best Working Tracker

Playing with bots, trackers and other tools clearly violate the Terms of Service of the game. Thus, this article does not promote using these third-party apps and recommends players to play the game as it is. However, the massive bugs present in the recent Pokémon GO update interfere with the functionality and usage of the in-game tracking system. Some resolve in using these external tools for the time being.

PokémonGO Hub noted that the recent bugs made the sightings tab went blank, which led to players using external tools to track nearby Pokémon. With several third-party apps terminated by Niantic, there are only a few ones left which include PokeHuntr.

PokeHuntr is a regular Pokémon GO tracker that allows players to scan a particular area of the world map to search for Pokémon. The tool is easy to use, but it does have several limitations. Players are not pleased with its slow scans and restriction to scan every 90 seconds only. However, the fact that it shows other players' scans greatly helps them to get faster results.

On the positive note, the scanned results are 100 percent accurate. Also, it displays the IV values of the scanned Pokémon. Players are not required to log in nor consume a large amount of data. As a result, it is the best alternative tracker when the in-game sightings tab is broken.

For those who still remember the previously popular tracker FastPokeMap, PokeHuntr is a bit of an alternative having similar functionalities. Though FPM scans a bit faster, however, the basic elements are similar.

PokeHuntr was developed by same people who created GymHuntr, an incredible website that can track the state of the nearby gyms and players can plan their attacks. Both GymHuntr and PokeHuntr were rated perfect for their utility and usage safety, while earning 8/10 for the speed and reliability.

Overall, it is not recommended to use these tools on a daily basis to avoid getting banned.


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