Pokemon GO Update: How Do Redeemable Codes Work? More Details Here

Redeemable Codes in Pokémon GO have been recently revealed in the latest datamined codes. Though there is less information regarding the discovery as of now, however, it was suspected to bring significant benefits to the fans playing the well-known mobile game.

According to Otakukart, there are new details found about these redeemable codes recently. For those who are uninitiated, Niantic is not new to these passcodes since they have been using them in promoting their other AR game called Ingress.

The report said that these passcodes appear to be more tricky than expected. It requires players to decode the passcode first before claiming the corresponding reward. Basically, there are different types of format to these codes such as a chain of characters followed by several numbers and then some letters. It is said that players need to guess them correctly to acquire the rewards.

It was reported previously that the possible rewards of these passcodes involve Pokémon Candy, Avatar items and some new stuff. Now, these bonuses have been confirmed, as there are datamined codes that suggest these mentioned items can be acquired through passcodes. The items like PokeCoins and Stardust have also been discovered.

Though these codes indications point to this upcoming feature in the game, however, it is worth noting that Niantic has not confirmed any of these yet. Players are hopeful that the next APK datamine will reveal additional details about the feature. They might get rare Pokémon such as Dratini in the future via this feature. It might be similar to the previous Pokémon games where players can exchange their gift Pokémon at the Game Corner in Celadon City.

On the other hand, Niantic may include sponsors for special in-game passcodes to benefit both parties. It would make a perfect sense where players walk on a particular Starbucks location featuring a new drink with a passcode that can unlock exclusive items. Similar mechanics would apply on other Niantic sponsors such as Jio Infocom, Sprint and McDonald's. Overall, this upcoming feature would give lots of hype if Niantic handles it well.


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