Overwatch April Fools' Day Event Arriving?

Overwatch is known to host several seasonal events already such as Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year and more. With the month of March ending, players are wondering if Blizzard has some plans on hosting an in-game event for next month specifically the April Fools' Day Event.

Blizzard is not too particular when celebrating seasonal events. Sometimes, the company celebrates unexpected real world events, which surprised many players. Several examples of this situation are the special events in the Summer Games and Lunar New Year. Players were even surprised that Blizzard chose to celebrate the Lunar New Year than the Valentine's Day.

If an April Fools' Day is arriving in Overwatch, fans would expect more fun time. It is also possible that Blizzard themselves would be playing pranks on their players during these days. However, it is kind of difficult to think how Blizzard will introduce such event. Although, since pranks are looming, players might expect some surprises from their loot boxes.

Players should expect some new skins, cosmetics and an exclusive game mode aside from the pranks and slew jokes if Overwatch April Fools' Day Event will happen. Few suggestions have surfaced recently such as Reinheardts' Hammer replaced with a Toy Hammer or Zenyatta's Orbs are changed with an array of balls.

Similar to the past Overwatch game events, Blizzard usually features a particular character that would represent the whole event. One of the suggestions is Junkrat. The titular character was featured last Halloween event. However, Junkrat is still the fan favorite, as there's no other character that would fit perfectly with the concept of April Fools' Day.

Apparently, no words coming from Blizzard regarding the April Fools' Day Event as of now. It might come unnoticed. Thus, players should be mindful of several possible pranks during these times. In addition, they should expect Blizzard to participate on these pranks in their ways. With the date approaching near, it is possible that the event is already in the game. Players are highly recommended to wait for future leaks from the data miners regarding how Blizzard will trick the community this coming April 1.


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