Overwatch Map Editor Release Date; The Details So Far

Blizzard finally launched their newest Overwatch hero in the form of Orisa. However, it seems like the company is not yet done giving their fans some exciting new contents from the popular shooter in this current era. The previous reports reveal the upcoming features that are possibly arriving in the game soon.

As reported, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan announced and discussed via the game's official forums one particular feature. This function is the Map Editor, which could be added to the game's massive list of incredible features.

Based on Kaplan's post, he said that the development team is planning on releasing a Map Editor in the future. However, it is not a simple task since Overwatch was made with a brand new engine. The game director added that the feature is already on their long-term roadmap. Apparently, it appears that it will not be available anytime soon as there are some challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has not issued any details regarding the release date of Overwatch Map Editor as of the moment. Furthermore, fans suggest that they do not need to rush things on releasing this feature just to lure more players. Instead, they should at least hit it right.

There are many guesses regarding the Map Editor's arrival. Several possibilities for the reveal are at the upcoming E3 2017 or Blizzcon 2017. However, it is also possible that Blizzard will announce the feature on their own, similar to Orisa and Ana's introduction. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the company is only considering the feature as of now. That means fans should not get ahead of themselves regarding this new content.

Lastly, players can enjoy the custom game mode feature that enables them to customize the settings and parameters of a particular map. However, if the Map Editor arrives, players will have more options to enjoy the game.


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