Pokemon GO Update: Niantic And Apple Are In Talks Once Again

It seems like Niantic is busy preparing for the future additions on its augmented reality game Pokémon GO. During the previous interview with David Hollin, he discussed the reason why Trading Feature was still not added to the game. In the same interview, Holin teased that the company is currently in talks with tech giant Apple Inc.

The discussion between the two companies highlights a prototype that allows players to track their number of steps while they are indoors. Meanwhile, this is also a way to assist players to monitor their gained distance for tracking their Eggs inside an incubator.

Apparently, the report receives mix reviews about the primary function of the prototype, which is allowing players to track footsteps indoor. As a result, it conflicts to Niantic's goal of encouraging players to go outside and catch Pokémon. In contrast, some are also hyped of what Niantic and Apple are planning this time, Otakukart reported.

With the current weather on several parts of the world restricts other players to go outside, it seems like the supposed prototype would be a great help to them. If the claims are true, it is an effective countermeasure to the players being not able to go outside.

This might be quite a vague choice as Niantic CEO John Hanke always stresses out that Pokémon GO is a real life outdoor game. However, many believed that the device would cost much to the game, as it will have a possibility losing the thought of playing the game.

On other Pokémon GO news, Shiny Magikarp is the new fan favorite as of now as Pokémon GO continues to host its in-game Water Festival Event. The event brings increased spawn rate of every Water-type Pokémon present in the game, though except the Legendary ones since they are still not present in the game.

Pokémon GO is now available for Android and iOS devices.


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