Overwatch Update: Orisa Now Live In Competitive; Doomfist Rumored Release Date And More

Blizzard Enterntainment officially unlocks Orisa to Overwatch's Competitive Mode. After she arrived in the live server last week, the company decided to disable her in Competitive for players to learn the hero first. Orisa is believed to bring some changes to the game's meta due to her impressive kit.

According to Game Rant, several players might be disappointed previously after finding out a grey portrait of Orisa in Competitive. However, since she is now available, they can now start to play the hero in several competitive matches.

Blizzard, on the other hand, was mindful on Orisa's introduction to the popular shooter compared to the previous character releases. For instance, the company fairly, quickly revealed Orisa following the hint of unveiling a new character. Unlike Sombra's reveal which took several months. As a result, it did not turn out pretty well in the Overwatch community.

Additionally, it appears that Orisa has more time of testing in the PTR than usual. The report said that Blizzard almost took the whole month before adding her officially in the game. With Orisa finally in the game, several fans are leaning towards the rumored 25th Overwatch character in Doomfist. It is still unclear if Blizzard would take similar procedures of introducing the character in the future.

Some fans suspect that Doomfist would arrive in the game this coming May 24, which coincides with Overwatch's first anniversary. However, it is not possible for Blizzard to surprisingly add Doomfist to the game and testing in the PTR at the same time. Probably, the company would launch a character reveal sometime around next month and will be tested in early May before adding it officially to the game.

It is worth noting that all of the things regarding Doomfist are just speculation as of now. Blizzard might have other things planned for the game's one-year anniversary. Also, it might be possible that Doomfist is not a playable character after all. However, fans are still actively anticipating for another Overwatch character reveal in the near future.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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