Overwatch Update: POTG Glitch; Lucio Changes And More

Overwatch's Play of the Game (POTG) feature has been a huge hit with the community since Blizzard added it to the game. It will highlight a particular player via a short video clip for making excellent plays during the match. The POTG feature became well known through tons of video parodies coming from both inside and outside the community. However, it seems like the most-beloved Overwatch feature is not working well recently.

As reported, players frequently saw tame gameplay rather than adept moves in Overwatch's POTG. It was suggested that Blizzard should fix this issue as soon as possible to prevent the outstanding plays from getting disregarded.

One Reddit user named Reilouko mentioned on his thread regarding the current issue on the POTG system. As seen in the post, the current POTG highlights poor game performance over the great ones. For instance, acquiring a quadra kill will most likely be a highlight in Overwatch's favorite feature. However, it shows a double kill performance instead. Several players reported that they had experienced the same thing as the said Redditor.

Blizzard has not released any comments about the current issue as of now, but it is expected that the company will sort things out perhaps in the next game update.

On the other hand, the patch that highlights changes on Support hero Lucio has not arrived in the live server yet. Lucio's supportive radius has been reduced in this upcoming patch. However, he will have a better output on healing and speed boosts now. Also, included in the patch is the fix on voice lines in the POTG clip. It is possible that it would give a better version together with the voice line fix.

As for the major Overwatch update, fans are still waiting for Doomfist's possible addition to the game. Blizzard Entertainment, on the other hand, has not issued any teasers for the character as of now. It is suggested that players will have to wait for Blizzard's further instructions about the said release.


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