Overwatch Mei's Disappearing Ult Bug Will Be Fixed Via Next Patch

Previously, players reported an annoying glitch regarding Blizzard's popular first-person game Overwatch. The glitch was related to Mei's ultimate ability disappearing to the game after casting. As intended, Mei's ultimate has a continuous effect during battle even after she dies. However, it appears that her weather-modified drone, which provides the freezing effect, disappears along with Mei when the player dies.
Thankfully, Lead Software Engineer of Overwatch, Bill Warnecke announced that they already fixed the said bug and might be included in the next major patch of the game. However, some are suspecting that Blizzard might hint something on the recent announcement. Usually, a bug fix arrives with the next patch cycle. However, not every game patch comes with new content additions.

Based on the report, players are still waiting for the arrival of both Widowmaker and McCree skins to the game for a couple of months now. Players are recommended to be mindful on the Public Test Realm (PTR) for the Mei fix. It might reveal a possible new content. If not, players are hoping for it to arrive soon.

On other news, Blizzard finally opens their very first eSports arena in Taipei. The Blizzard eStadium can host 250 fans, which consist of bars and souvenir shops. The stadium will officially operate to host the matches of the Pacific leg of this year's Overwatch World Cup. It is also expected that the new arena from Blizzard will extend hosting events from other games of the company such as StarCraft and Hearthstone.

Meanwhile, it appears that Blizzard has just teased a brand new content arriving this coming April 12 for Overwatch. Some suspect that it refers to a brand new game event. However, the details regarding what it is remains unclear as to date. It is best to wait for the said time to arrive for further details.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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