WWE Raw: Hardy Boyz Triumphant Return, Undertaker's Last Ride

Wrestlemania 33 will go down in the history books as one of the grandest spectacles in the history. The Hardy Boyz shocked the world with their triumphant return but on the same night, WWE Universe saw the Undertaker’s last match.

The Hardy Boyz Triumphant Return

There is no doubt that the Hardy Boyz will enter the Hall of Fame someday. Before their shocking return, The Hardy Boyz were interviewed by WWE. Matt Hardy who reinvented himself in the Indies as Broken Matt was more than happy to be back home. Matt stated that finally, their career comes full circle as they are back where it all started. Jeff Hardy also chimed in with the loyal fans of the Hardy Boyz and expecting the crowd to hype them up as they perform at Wrestlemania.

A few hours ago, WWE formally announced the return of the Hardy Boyz. However, their return was not welcomed by everybody and that is when The Club(Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) stepped in. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows wasn’t expecting that The Hardy Boyz would show up, which messes up their plan. The Hardy Boyz was successful in retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Title and in succession, Kurt Angle was named as the new General Manager of RAW thanks to Vince McMahon.

Thank You Taker

Arguably the saddest moment in Wrestlemania history happened last night. The Undertaker who spent most of his time in WWE call it quits. The Phenom who has been performing for about 27 years put a spectacular show but a better ending. Multiple WWE Superstars have shared their thoughts on social media with a special hashtag #ThankYouTaker and so as the WWE Universe.

A lot of superstars were seen tearing up in the backstage when Undertaker made its last goodbye. There’s a lot of WWE talent who are stronger and bigger than the Undertaker. However, they cannot replace what The Deadman has accomplished for almost 3 decades.

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