Overwatch's Uprising Comic Reveals Possible Skins For April Event

By Sarene Mae Butao , Apr 06, 2017 05:19 AM EDT

Overwatch's latest comic is now out and some fans are suspecting that it might link to the upcoming game event that is set to arrive this month. The new Overwatch comic is entitled Uprising, which is accessible on the Overwatch comics hub or in animated form through Madefire.

According to Polygon, Uprising deepens the lore of the game as many fans suspect its connection. The comic was set seven years ago, where the team's original members were facing on of their most challenging battles, the King's Row Uprising.

The characters McCree, Soldier:76, Reaper, Mercy, Ana, Winston and Tracer all appeared in the comic. An extremist group of Omnics infiltrates London, which leaves McCree marooned. The group back home in Switzerland were left to choose whether they should overrule orders to step in.

As players know, Overwatch's story intricates a clash between humans and robots against latter group's rights. However, Uprising pointed out that these are the Omnics of a rebel variety, which Ana mostly calls as Terrorists. This new addition to the character's history adds some exciting reasons to the present battle.

On the other hand, it also gives more ideas to the fans for them to dig out. The game's Twitter account has previously teased a special mission that would be revealed this coming April 11. It was suspected that both the event and the new content are linked. Apparently, game director, Jeff Kaplan hinted that Uprising has a massive impact for Overwatch.

Kaplan also said in an interview that some fans want to know about the story of the game and what the root of Humans and Omnics conflict is. Additionally, the comic is considered as one of Overwatch's best comics that the team has ever done. Lastly, Kaplan teased some new skins in the game prior to the event particularly with Widowmaker and more.


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