Overwatch Update: Blizzard Drop Hints For The Upcoming Hero Once Again

Blizzard is busy dropping hints regarding the upcoming character in Overwatch. For the past days, the company had been teasing the identity of this new character in three major cases. However, it seems like the players are getting closer and closer to the character reveal.

As seen on the official Twitter of Overwatch, a news report was posted which connects to the clues from earlier this week. The said report was from a fictional news channel Atlas News, where they covered the major confrontation which happened at the Numbani Airport. Based on the post, the OB15 defense units were destroyed by an unknown individual at Numbani Airport. In addition, it was also mentioned that there were no reported civilian casualties during the confrontation.

Based on the report from Game Rant, Atlas News was the front of the previous major tease which features a mock interview with a young girl who is an expert in robotics. Apparently, the young girl was identified within the article. She is Efi Oladele, a resident of Nubani, who receives a massive funding due to its talent. There is a part of her interview where she was asked about how she would spend her money. Efi responded that she has an idea. However, it remains a secret as to date.

Furthermore, the young girl also said that her parents are taking her on tour, where she noted that it is her first time flying. Apparently, it seems like her first ever trip might not go how she planned. Based on the latest leak, the cause of the incident remains unclear. However, the photo was credited to Efi, which confirms that she was present at that time. On the other hand, she mentioned in her interview that she has a desire to build something to keep the people safe, like the new OR15s. Similar units that had been mashed in the photo.

Considering that Efi is still at a young age, it has been concluded that she will not be joining the Overwatch roster. However, this series of hints might lead players to suspect that she might perhaps build the next Overwatch hero. This is due to her extreme talent in building robots and AI. Overwatch is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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