Mobile Legends: Estes Abilities Revealed

By Kim Chan , Apr 06, 2017 08:27 AM EDT

Moonton has a huge surprise for all Mobile Legends fans as it's about to unveil the newest support hero in the game - Estes and he looks insanely strong! Over the past few months, the game hasn't had new support heroes as the recent additions were all attackers and tanks. But now, it seems that Moonton has finally unveiled the tide-turner of the game. Check out the full abilities of Estes down below.

Mobile Legends : Estes Skills And Gameplay

Passive Ability. While tethered to an ally hero (first skill), Estes charges up. Once fully charged, Estes's next basic attack deals extra damage to his primary target and deals the same extra damage to additional three targets.

First Skill. Estes will tether to himself to an ally target and subsequently heals the target over time. Furthermore, the longer Estes is tethered to an allied unit, the greater the damage of his passive ability becomes.

Second Skill. Estes creates a field of magic, which slows down and damages all opponents within the vicinity. Allies within the field will have their movement speed significantly increased.

Ultimate Skill. Estes empowers himself and his tethered ally, increasing their overall battle efficiency (the translation is quite obscured). For more details, check out the video by BluePanda below.

Mobile Legends : Estes Everything We Know So Far

BluePanda revealed Estes will come with a skin upon release which can be seen down below. Many players from Reddit pointed out that Estes bears some resemblance to the popular Dota 2 hero, Invoker - despite the latter being that of a core hero rather than a support hero.

Will this hero be overpowered? We can only guess but basing on the details leaked, his mere presence can turn the tide of a team fight around especially when it comes to ganking. Furthermore, Estes is one of the few heroes that can buff both himself and his allies, making him a great asset in any team composition.

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