Mobile Legends: How To Get Onimusha Commander

By Kim Chan , Apr 07, 2017 07:18 AM EDT

It seems that Moonton has a lot of surprises in store for all Mobile Legends fans as the developers are now preparing to launch the upcoming dreadful-looking skin of Alpha, the Onimusha Commander. However, this skin isn't purchasable in the store as it's an event-only skin. So for those that are hoping to obtain this amazing skin and overawe both their teammates and enemies, here's how to get the Onimusha Commander skin.

In the next Mobile Legends update, it was revealed that Alpha will be the next hero to get a brand new skin. However, this item would not be available in the store and wouldn't stay for long as it's basically a one-time event release.

As shown in the video down below, there is only one way for players to obtain the Onimusha Commander skin and that is to hope and pray for luck in the Lucky Box. Yes, it's only available in the Lucky Box which means that Moonton is planning to make a one-time Lucky Box event!

Now, for those that are looking for the Lucky Box tab, it is under the news in the Event Hall. Don't worry if it's not showing in the current tab as it's only live on the advance servers. For those that are wondering what the event is about, basically the player is given a set of rewards, a total of 14 rewards within the box (Onimusha Commander included) and during the event, players will be given the ability to remove four rewards from their Lucky Box; narrowing the rewards a little bit further.

However, the odds of getting the skin is still 1:9 which is still fairly low considering that it costs 90 Diamonds per spin. The good thing is that Moonton will be giving away a free spin per day during the event. For more details, check out the video down below.

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