Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.72 Adds Protection Points Against AFKers And New Features

By Kim Chan , Apr 10, 2017 08:04 AM EDT

Moonton is planning to add huge contents in the upcoming update for patch 1.1.72. One of which is the highly anticipated support hero, Estes. Aside from that, the developers also added a multiplier on protection points against AFKers as well as a streamer feature for top-tier players. Here are the highlights for Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.72:

Mobile Legends : AFK Protection

As shown in the advance servers' patch update, Moonton has added a huge Protection Points whenever a player is flagged AFK in a game. According to Moonton, AFKers destroy the gaming experience of the many and thus, the developers decided to add a protection points multiplier to all players on the losing team. Take note that there are a few factors that needed to be met:

First, the ranked match must result in a loss. Second, players must complete the match normally and must not in a pre-arranged team with the AFK player(s). Note that this does not take in-effect if the AFK player is within one's pre-arranged party.

Mobile Legends : New Features

Streamer Feature. Moonton will now give top-tier players a chance to become popular via the Streamer Feature. This feature will allow players above Master division to apply and become a streamer. As a streamer, the player will be given the ability to broadcast his current game to everyone.

Follow Feature. This feature works like a "subscribe" button on Youtube. It basically enables a player to follow a streamer, which the latter will then be added to the player's "following" list. At the same time, the streamer will be notified about the action and the follower will appear on the streamer's "follows" list.

Broadcasting Feature. A streamer can opt to activate his "in-game stream feature," which basically broadcasts his current game. Just like how streaming works on popular platforms such as Twitch, streamers can receive gifts from its followers. As of this moment, Moonton did not announce if a streamer can receive gifts aside from Diamonds.

Global Leaderboard. According to Moonton, there will be a Streamer Popularity Leaderboard and a Fans Leaderboard. This two basically comprised the Global Leaderboard that will tally all popular streamers in the game and rank them based on the number of fans.

Moonton is surprisingly active in giving new contents every week. With the addition of the Streamer Feature, it seems that Mobile Legends is on the right track at becoming a competitive MOBA Esport. Check back for more Mobile Legends news and update.

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