Paladins OB48 Patch Preview: What Does It Bring

Paladins has been constantly receiving new contents recently as Hi-Rez Studios launching weekly updates. Following the official launch of Open Beta 47 last week, the developer has revealed another Open Beta patch which features tons of new game additions such as champion, skins, hero balance, and more.

Apparently, the new champion arriving in Open Beta 48 does not surprise fans since she was leaked a couple of times with the past datamines. The new champion is called Seris, Oracle of the Abyss. She is classified as a Support hero wielding a Soul Orb which can be stacked to her enemies up to 4 times. Unlike other support champions in the game, Seris is a one-dimensional character which allows players to decide when to heal and when to deal damage.

Seris' movement ability is called Shadow Travel which is considered to have the best animation yet. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability could be a game changer when it is utilized well. Activating Convergence allows Seris to cast a soul core into the battlefield that pulls nearby enemies after a short delay. Overall, it appears that the new character could earn a decent spot in Paladins current meta due to her unique abilities.

Aside from the new champion, OB48 would also bring three new skin collections for champions Bomb King, Maeve, and Mal'damba. Both Bomb King and Maeve's skins are classified as Rare skin collections, while Mal'damba receive its first Epic skin collection. It was noted that these skins are available via direct purchase. The upcoming patch also brings new Card Art Sprays such as Cut and Run for Maeve, Territorial for Cassie, Moxie for Pip, and more.

As for the balance changes, Bomb King received a slight nerf on his maximum HP from 2500 to 2400. Also, the refire rate for his Sticky Bombs is now increased from 0.6 to 0.7 seconds. On the other hand, Skye finally received some love in this upcoming patch as she was given a new type of mobility. Based on the patch notes, her ultimate ability, Time Bomb, can now be thrown where the fuse starts once the bomb hits the ground. Skye's Hidden ability was also buffed increasing its duration by 4 seconds.

Lastly, players from the Public Test Server were given a Voice Chat. However, it is noted that it would not arrive along with the Paladins OB48 patch.


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