Mobile Legends: Moonton Revamps Entire Map; Introduces New Jungle Creep and New Sun Skin

By Kim Chan , Apr 15, 2017 06:18 AM EDT

Very recently, Riot introduced a major revamp on League of Legend's entire map, incorporating new pathways and new jungle creeps. It also introduced a new element into the game - particularly the plants; which proved to be highly impactful in the game. Today, it seems that Moonton has taken the same step and is now dropping a major revamp on Mobile Legend's map. Here are all of the changes so far.

Mobile Legends: New Map and Jungle Creep

[Update]: The new map is now live on Moonton's advanced servers. As shown in the video down below, Moonton has introduced new jungle creeps alongside new pathways to further the overall movement on the entire map. It would also appear that the developers are planning to make future improvements on the map; however, the main focus of the upcoming update is to polish the jungle and prominent areas on the map: Dragon's Lair, etc.

Mobile Legends: River Crab

The new jungle creep is a river crab which basically looks and works similar to the river creeps found in League of Legends. The creep doesn't provide anything other than EXP and Gold. These creatures will serve as an additional boost to the effective net worth of players in the game. It should be worth noting that despite being a neutral creep, the river crab isn't aggressive and won't attack nearby players unless provoked to do so.

In other news, Moonton also added a new Sun skin which definitely stands out from the rest. It is called the Rock Star skin and costs 749 Diamonds. The skin provides brand new skill effect as seen in this video. The Sun skin will be released together with the updated map; which are now both live on the advanced servers. Check back for more Mobile Legends news and updates!

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