'Winds Of Winter' Update: Plot And Release Dates Confirmed? 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 To Be Released After WoW

By Dez Bryant , Apr 21, 2017 06:26 AM EDT

To this day, fans are still puzzled on whether or not George R.R Martin will release “Winds of Winter” this year. However, basing on his recent post on his blogs, “Winds Of Winter” might be released earlier than the 7th Season of “Game Of Thrones”.

There is no doubt that the series “A Song Of Ice And Fire” captivated millions of people regardless of what language they speak. “Game Of Thrones” has taken the world by storm and for the last 6 years as they are highly regarded as the greatest TV Series in the modern times. Amazingly, the producers of the show and George R.R Martin was able to keep the components of the show intact. The unpredictability and the surprise factor provides them a separation against other TV Series.

Release Dates Not Yet Confirmed

“The Winds Of Winter” has been teased numerous times to its fans. For those who are not familiar, “The Winds Of Winter” is the sixth installation of the series “A Song Of Ice And Fire”. HBO and “Game Of Thrones” already released multiple trailers for season 7 and it will be aired on July 16. On the same note, Martin stated on his blog that he is currently busy with a certain project. The decorated author didn’t provide enough details on what the project is all about. However, according to an Insider, Martin is just finalizing a charity work and will proceed with “Winds Of Winter”. If the timeline turns out to be accurate, “Winds Of Winter” will be released in June.

The 7 Kingdoms

The plot will still revolve on the 7 clans that are trying to withstand each other but knowing George R.R Martin, there will be plenty of surprises that will surely make the fans wonder. Also, Martin added on his blog that the “Winds Of Winter” is still a priority and talked about the sixth installation as a “Wild Card” for HBO.

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