'Tokyo Ghoul' Live Action Movie Trailer Released; Anime's Season 3 Still Up In The Air

The hit manga series, "Tokyo Ghoul," is getting its live-action movie which will be released in Japan this summer. A 30-second trailer was recently released and fans were able to see the characters taking part in the flick.

Although fans were not able to get many details from the promo trailer of "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action movie, they might be delighted enough to know that director Kentarō Hagiwara closely adapted the manga series. Several characters from the source material were seen in the trailer and the plot follows that of the manga.

"Tokyo Ghoul" took the anime world by storm when its creator Sui Ishida first released it in 2011. The series follows the story of Ken Kaneki who gets transformed into a half-ghoul by Rize Kamishiro. The she-ghoul attacked Ken on their date and now that he turns into a flesh-eating monster, he has to cope with the struggles of living the supernatural life while staying in a normal neighborhood.

After a fair success, "Tokyo Ghoul" got its anime version which is now waiting to release its third season. Despite being renewed, the t.v. series has already been delayed for a long time, reportedly to give way to the live-action movie and the release of the second seasons of other popular animes, "One Punch Man" and "My Hero Academia."

New talks though claim that the lack of materials and plotline hinder the creators to come up with a new installment. Spoilers for "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 note that Ken Kenaki will return with a new identity. A theory came out claiming that Arima spared Ken after the boy lost to him in a battle. With Ken Kenaki suffering from total loss of memory, Arima gives Ken a new name and will appear on season 3 as Haise Sasaki. There are no words yet when the new installment of the anime will be released but there are talks that Viz Media might push through with it in 2018.

The live-action movie of "Tokyo Ghoul" is already scheduled to premiere in Japan on July 29. An international release has not yet been confirmed though although many of "Tokyo Ghoul's" Western fans are requesting for the film to come out in their regions.

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