'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Delayed By Its Live-Action Movie? Ken Kenaki Returns With Another Identity?

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Apr 12, 2017 10:51 AM EDT

There are a lot of speculations regarding the delay of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3's release. The production of the new seasons of "One Punch Man" and "My Hero Academia" were reportedly prioritized by Viz Media where both animes are set to be released this year. Yet again, another thought on "Tokyo Ghoul's" delay point out to its live-action movie development which is said to be released prior the T.V. show.

It might be quite impossible for anime lovers to see "Tokyo Ghoul" back on the small screen this year. It was already announced by Viz Media earlier this year that "One Punch Man" and "My Hero Academia" will be the releases to be made this 2017 and the dark anime will follow after. However, there are more speculations coming out as to why "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 cannot make it to television this year.

The second season of "Tokyo Ghoul" has earned poor ratings and numerous negative reviews. This follows the poor character development in the series and the alleged lack of fresh ideas. Some viewers then commented that the anime's decision to stray away from its source material has hurt its ratings. Following this setback, the producers of the show are reportedly taking the time to improve the anime series with more broadcasting materials and better story line so a more invigorating season 3 will be delivered to fans.

However, these plans are putting the anime on a delay as the writer of the show is reportedly the same as its live-action movie. With the movie slated to hit the big screen this year, the team reportedly has no choice but to put the t.v. series at the back seat. Fans though do not have to worry as "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 might already make its premiere in 2018.

Ken Kenaki, who serves as the anime's main character, tragically died in season 2. However, there are rumors that he will return to a new image. Theories about the upcoming installment claim that the show will focus on Touka Kirishima as she enters college. However, a more hyped theory claims that season 3 will see the coming of Haise Sasaki.

Haise Sasaki is believed by many to be a reincarnation of Ken Kenaki because of the similarities of their physical attributes. However, some also believe that Ken Kenaki survived through Arima who fought him but later revived him and made him a ghoul investigator. It is said that his severe injuries led him to lose all of his memories and as he joins CCG, he was given a new identity.

Viz Media is yet to make an official announcement about "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3's release date. Fans will, however, have the live-action movie to excite them this year.

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