Nioh: Dragon Of The North DLC Gets Official Release Date, New Details Revealed

Nioh Dragon of the North DLC has finally gotten a release date after being announced a few months back. This major DLC pack will bring in the highly-awaited PvP mode that has some dynamic features.

Nioh Dragon Of The North DLC Release Date

According to GameSpot, Team Ninja has shared the release date of the coming DLC, which will arrive much sooner than expected. Those who want to enjoy the game further can download the additional content on May 2. Creative director Tom Lee shares that it will introduce a variety of new Yokai and include fierce battles with imposing enemies set in new stages.

He continues stating that players will not face these battles unarmed, as the DLC will also have new Guardian Spirits, ninja skills, armor, and magic. The DLC will also introduce a new weapon called the Odachi that players can use to take down their foes.

PVP Mode Coming Soon

Similarly, the add-on content will also bring in the player-versus-player mode which requires a PS Plus subscription. Director Yasuda Fumihiko shares that there will be a straightforward 1 v 1 mode and also 2 versus 2 fights, as per Wccftech. There will also be several new stages like the Dojo and a few areas where players can use the terrain to their advantage.

Items, on the other hand, are still useable during battle but some of them will have some changed properties. Judging by this, it seems like they are trying to find a way to balance this mechanic so players will still fight on equal grounds. The game has a season pass currently on sale on the Playstation Store for $24.99. Not only does the DLC come with it but also includes upcoming content like Defiant Honour and Bloodshed's End.

Players will save more money if they opt to purchase the season pass instead of buying all the expansions separately. The Dragon of the North DLC will be available next week and includes a wealth of new features. Meanwhile, fans can play Nioh on the PS4.

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