Nioh: Dragon Of The North DLC Adds These Impressive New Features To The Game

Nioh's first major DLC, Dragon of the North, has finally been released and brings a lot of new content to the game. Not only will these features attract veteran players but also introduce a whole new audience to the game.

Along with the latest DLC, Team Ninja has also released a new update for the game, as per PlayStationLifeStyle. The 1.07 patch is a whopping 6.3GB download and adds support for the new content and the highly anticipated PvP mode. The patch notes claim the update will also expand functionality, adjust game balance and fix various bugs. Shortly afterward, the developers released yet another update, 1.08, with a 991MB file size that reduced the cost of female skins by 20,000.

That aside, Dragon of the North is now available on the PlayStation Store and expands the story of the main game. Protagonist William ventures to the Oshu region where the ruler Masamune Date is gathering spirit stones. There, William will be fighting fearsome enemies and encounter some allies across three distinct stages.

He will also develop new Ninjutsu, Guardian Spirits, and Onmyo magic to help him on his journey. Similarly, Destructoid shares that players will have access to new sets of legendary armor and weapons - specifically the Odachi great katana. The mode is part of the season pass alongside the upcoming Defiant Honour and Bloodshed's End expansion packs.

Several players have issued a word of warning to those who plan on picking up the DLC, as they should back up their Nioh saves before anything else. There have been crashes during the first level but a quick restart of the PS4 should solve the issue. Nonetheless, it is always better to be safe rather than losing precious data.

Dragon of the North feels like a solid expansion instead of a quick cash grab with its plenty of new features and additional items. This is only the first out of three upcoming content for the game, which will provide even more reasons for fans to keep playing the game. Those who want to join William on his journey can get a copy of Nioh for the PS4.

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