'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Mysterious Green-Haired Girl Is Vegeta's Future Opponent? Kahseral Hints At Bigger Role

The latest teaser for the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has revealed some new characters. One of the Pride Troopers is seen going through some tough journey as another new female character comes in.

Mysterious Green-Haired Gal Makes An Appearance

The ongoing Universe Survival Saga has introduced numerous new characters in the said anime series and just as the Tournament of Arc approaches, more new ones are being introduced. “Dragon Ball Super” has revealed two new female characters so far and they have added a mysterious green-haired woman to the roster. The said new character was revealed in last week’s preview for the next episode.

Toei Animation has yet to reveal the real identity of this woman but fans are speculating that she could be one of the fighters that will join the Tournament of Power. Though it’s uncertain which universe she’ll represent, fans also raised that she might be the mysterious female fighter that Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form will go against, which has been briefly displayed during the anime’s new opening sequence. The unnamed green-haired girl is speculated to have the same powers as Zarbon, who has the same Transformation Ability that enables her to have a bulky figure and could become stronger.

Universe 11’s Kahseral Gets Bigger Role?

Another giveaway from the latest “Dragon Ball Super” teaser was Kahseral in some sort of a mission or journey. It was not revealed what exactly he was doing but the teaser has hinted that he will be getting a bigger role in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga. The anime series is well-known to focus on characters and give them a sufficient side story when they have an essential part in the arc. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 91 is evidently focusing on the other universes and their preparations.

Kahseral has already been introduced in the ongoing arc and this is one of his next appearances, which might be linked to the emergence of the unknown green-haired woman. He is part of the Pride Troopers hailed from Universe 11 and pilots the troopers’ spaceship. Known as Kahseral The Slashing, he is a strong cyborg warrior that has abilities to combine certain attacks with other's attacks.

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