'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Caulifla Becomes First Female Super Saiyan; Krillin And Android 18 To Quit Tournament Of Power?

The latest episode and preview for “Dragon Ball Super” anime series have finally been released. Every contending universe at the upcoming Tournament of Power is making their respective preparations to make sure they get a fighting chance to win.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 91 Recap: Grand Priest Checks On Preparations

The latest episode of the “Dragon Ball Series” revealed the development in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga. The two Zen-Ohs and the Grand Priest are checking out every team’s preparations and are actually taking bets on who will win. New character Brianne de Chateau was introduced, an upcoming fighter from Universe 2 who is expected to be one of Vegeta’s opponent in the approaching Tournament of Power.

Universe 7 seems to be one of the first teams to complete their line-up and unlike Universe 10, who is just dancing for views, Goku and the others train in their spare time. With the Tournament of Power starting in just a few hours, Gohan discusses the team’s strategy, aiming for the highly contested middle portion of the arena. However, Goku’s team runs into a problem when Satan tells them the news that Majin Buu will not make it to the tournament.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 92 Preview: Universe 7 And Universe 6 Run Into Emergencies

Early official updates for “Dragon Ball Super” revealed that Universe 7 will be facing a problem with their line-up. It has already been revealed that Goku and Beerus will have no choice but to revive and recruit the powerful villain, Frieza. In the latest preview, Goku mentions Krillin and his wife, Android 18 are planning to quit and it could be because they don’t want Frieza to be in the team. However, this could just be the couple panicking and things will go well eventually as it has already been revealed that Krillin will indeed make it to the Tournament of Power.

One of the highlights of the next episode is Universe 6’s preparations for its newly found Saiyans. Cabba has decided to train Kale and Caulifla even with just a few hours before the tournament to unleash their powers. In the new preview, Caulifla succeeds in transforming into Super Saiyan, becoming the first known female Super Saiyan in the series, and even lets out a powerful red beam attack.

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