'Destiny 2' Latest Update: Why The Game Has No Dedicated Servers

Gamers were disappointed when Bungie announced last week that there will be no dedicated servers for Destiny 2. The game developer said that it would use a hybrid system instead. More details were released by the company recently providing the latest update about the reason why it has chosen another system.

Destiny 2 Is Using A Hybrid System

Matt Segur, head of engineering at Bungie revealed some details about the operation of the networking model of Destiny 2's and why they have chosen it over dedicated servers. Essentially, they are not using the term 'dedicated servers' since the game is actually using a "hybrid of client-server and peer-to-peer technology."

What's The Difference Between The Two Systems?

Most online video games use client-server connections (dedicated servers) or peer-to-peer connections. The dedicated servers system is preferred by many game publishers because it offers more secure and consistent gaming experience. However, it is more expensive than the client-server connection.

Bungie claims that it is using a hybrid system for Destiny 2. Does it mean this system also offers the same level of consistency and accuracy that dedicated servers offer? Segur claims that "the server is authoritative over how the game progresses." He added that the player is also "authoritative over his own movement and abilities."

Bungie Claims This System Provides Player The Feeling Of Immediacy

Segur continues by saying this system enables Bungie to provide players the feeling of immediacy in their movements and shooting. He added that this is possible wherever they live and whoever they are playing with. All of these can only be proven when gamers are already using Bungie's hybrid system when they play Destiny 2 online.

Segur also admitted that Bungie had invested heavily in this system for Destiny 2. For the first time, they are also using cloud servers for gameplay. He also claimed that Bungie believes this is the best system for the video game's different competitive and cooperative gaming experiences.

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