‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Sells 3.4 Million Copies In Just 4 Months; Sony Beats Microsoft And Nintendo

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 06, 2017 10:36 PM EDT

Sony has just released the information that Horizon Zero Dawn is having its heyday as far as sales performance is concerned. Shawn Layden, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America revealed that the title has just sold 3.4 million copies in just four months. The interesting thing about this figure is that one-fourth of the total sales, about 915,000, were digital copies bought from PlayStation Stores.

But It Doesn't Stop There

And it doesn't stop with Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony also announced that in terms of total units of consoles sold, Sony's PlayStation console is beating Nintendo and Microsoft, its closest competitors. It appears that as E3 2017 is coming up, Sony will have its head on a higher level than these two companies.

According to Sony, their latest sales data reveals that nearly 60 million units of PlayStation 4 consoles were bought by customers since its debut in 2013. That means PlayStation 4 is the console to beat. In addition, Sony also claimed that it has sold about 1 million PlayStation VR headsets since it was launched in Oct. 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Still A Hot Item

With regards to the remarkable sales performance of Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony thought that gamers would rather buy the video game in digital stores because they don't want to leave their sofa. It turned out that gamers do not only avoid leaving their sofa but they also don't want to put the disc into the game console. Apparently, buying digital copies of the video game enables them to skip what they think are unnecessary tasks.

In the first two weeks of its initial launch, Horizon Zero Dawn sold around 2.6 million copies. Sony admitted that its sales slacked down somewhat after that. However, when all the sales stats in the last four months are considered, the title seems to be a hot property still.

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