iOS 14 Widgets Can Now Help Users be Creative with Their Home Screens

iOS 14 Widgets Can Now Help Users be Creative with Their Home screens
iOS 14 Widgets Can Now Help Users be Creative with Their Home screens Photo : Omid Armin

iOS 14 Widgets, much like their Android counterparts, can be pinned to the users' Home Screen in different places and in varying sizes. This allows for an almost endless possibility when making your widget layout.

Since iOS 14 is just fairly new, there's a current lack of 3rd party widgets. However, this isn't enough to stop Apple fans from being busy in customizing their home screens and sharing their creations on social media.

The hashtag #iOS14HomeScreen has started trending this weekend on Twitter. As expected, bigger brands such as IMDB, Twitch, and Google, have already released support for iOS 14 Widgets. Spotify has yet to join the game but TuneTrack has already started offering Spotify "Playing Now" widget support.

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iOS 14 Widgets: App support


Widgetsmith is one of the early Widget apps that has quite gotten really popular since the launch of Apple's latest version of iOS. It has the ability to create widgets with styling customizations. The app allows users to create customized widgets that can be sized as small, medium, or large.

For its free version, it supports customization of the Date, Time, Photos, Upcoming Events, Reminders, Custom Text, and Health and Activity widgets. The premium version of Widgetsmith allows further customization options such as being able to personalize the Weather and Tide widgets. The subscription plan costs $1.99 every month or $19.99 per year.

Widgetsmith's flexibility has even made it popular with iOS 14 Widgets screenshots that have been making rounds on the internet.


Another choice of app is ColorWidgets. It offers a free Time and Battery widget that comes with lots of colorful styles. For a one-time purchase of $3.99, users can get access to some premium styles.


Weather, on the other hand, is already one of the popular iOS 14 Widgets. It has already gotten support from many apps. A caveat though is that Apple's very own Dark Sky doesn't have any widget support yet but we're sure as days go by, it will soon have its own widget.

Here are some of the popular Weather widgets:

  • Night Sky - Guide to the sky. Free with IAP
  • CARROT Weather - $4.99
  • Forecast Bar - Weather + Radar - Free with IAP
  • Weather Line - Free with IAP
  • Weather - The Weather Channel - Free with IAP
  • The Weather Network
  • Weather Widget & Radar - Free with IAP
  • Mooncast - $2.99

Other iOS 14 Widgets

Travel Widget

  • World Clock - Time zone widget. Free with IAP
  • KAYAK - Book flights, hotels and cars. Free
  • Tripit - Travel planner. Free with IAP
  • App in the Air - Travel assistant. Free with IAP

Finance Widgets

  • Debit & Credit - Personal finance manager. Free with IAP
  • Spend Stack - Budget tracker. $2.99
  • Acorns - Invest spare change. Free
  • Robinhood: Invest. Save. Earn. - Stock trading platform. Free
  • VectorVest Stock Advisory - Stock / investing app. Free with IAP
  • Coinbase - Buy and sell cryptocurrency. Free.
  • Copilot: The Smart Money App - Net worth and expense tracker. Free with IAP
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