Porsche 911 GT3 Spotted Earlier than Release; Features Unexpectedly Revealed

Things came a bit earlier in the automotive scene when leaks of the upcoming model of popular car brand Porsche, the Porsche 911 GT3 was posted and has spread online last November 16.

The interior of the GT3 was seen in the two footages that were leaked in Spanish automobile forum site Cochespias. It showed the car's dashboard, wherein upgraded features, especially on the details of its parts were seen throwing a buzz for car enthusiasts. The other photo showed the rear wing of the new model. Photos were likely sourced from Porsche itself, serving as promotional materials for the much-awaited launch.

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Porsche Logo Plates-Limited Hood Ornaments
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Porsche 911 GT3's distinct features include the new digital cluster where it pictures around four gauges equipped in the cabin's main counter. It is also highly confirmed that the newest Porsche model is patched with the company's most advanced information system that can be seen with its 10.9 touchscreen display.

A newly adjustable steering wheel covered with a full hard and smooth leather is also showcased in the leaked photos. It is backed with carbon-fiber seat covers that is stitched thoroughly, with five-holed "neck-leaners", also touched with carbon-fiber and smooth greyish black paint for a more relaxing driving experience.

Smaller than the previous models but here it features a more specifically crafted layout and background of the exterior aspect. Upon seeing it overall in the sides it resembles the older 911 models' structures, but it has its own characteristics, too.

Features Revealed Just Keeps Getting Better

The car's side part and rear wing develops a more downward and horizontal visual impression while backboned with an L-shaped frame that seems to be floating. The rear wing's design is often referred to as "swan-neck", a car lingo that describes car's rears that are a bit curved yet surfaces the back part to support its speed, especially when downward effort exceeds the limit of driving it.

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The bumpers seem to be more powerful than the older versions. Its depth could see a bulkier display. A diffuser is also attached at the rear bumper's bottom part, while connecting to the rear wing is the engine oil's spoiler that is obviously in tacked with the bumper, too. Bonnet vents are also used to improve airflow at the same time.

Chassis parts and suspension upgrades are hinted to encompass the car's overall performance. A 390kW to 500Nm speed rate is the expected output of critics and enthusiasts. Backed with its 9000-rpm redlined yellowish tachometer, manual gear sticks and tri-pedals, maneuvering the Porsche 911 GT3 would be an exciting experience to flaunt one's driving skills and techniques.

911 GT3 is expected to hit launching in the early parts of 2021 wherein auctions are being hinted at the January reveal of the newest Porsche model. 

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