Pokemon Go Doing An 'Aggressive' Push Into Mobile Gaming, Says Sony CEO - Appreciation Or Shots Fired?

By Jupiter Isidro , Sep 05, 2016 05:10 AM EDT
Close reports that Sony is eyeing at Nintendo's success with Pokémon Go, and describes it as "aggressively getting into" the mobile gaming genre, said chief executive Kaz Hirai.

It is quite a huge shift, coming from a console-based business jumping into phones as well, the executive explains to the Financial Times (FT) during the IFA consumer electronics expo held at Berlin.

So was it a shot fired or an appreciation?

Kaz's comments points out the fellow console maker's recognition of the certainty of mobile device gaming to be a necessity as platform. As reported over and over the years, Nintendo was very hesitant to dive in to the mobile market for years, refusing to investor demands to step up into the mobile phone game industry, just yielding this year with social networking app, Miitomo, and then skyrocketing with Pokémon Go.

However, to take note, Nintendo is only part and not the sole owner of the company that publishes Pokemon Go. Also, the Pokemon Go Plus premium device is yet to hit stores.

As of this writing, 'aggressively getting into the mobile app industry' wouldn't be considered as a criticism neither praise; so, let's just call it somewhere in between. Though personally, I lean towards recognition and praise.

Sony already has been playing in the portable games market for 12 years, rolling out platforms such as the PSP, PSP Go, PS Vita, and its Xperia line of smartphones. However, its mobile device presence has been very limited to just companion applications with the Playstation Network (PSN), one example is Run Sackboy! Run! as supplement for the Little Big Planet series.

One analyst highlights to the Financial Times that Sony's strategy towards mobile has been focused more on making it as encouragement to sell more consoles as opposed to just making money.

Are we seeing more Sony mobile apps after Pokemon go?

Yes, in fact, in early 2016 (even before Pokemon Go's launch), Sony Computer Entertainment has already rolled out ForwardWorks corporation -- a company which will produce apps for mobile devices. Naturally, these apps will go under the Sony branding by using its proprietary characters for the mobile games. Further, Sony has already stopped its first-party development for the Playstation Vita, probably to concentrate on the mobile app genre.

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