‘Pokemon GO' Update Features Capture Location

The developer, Niantic Labs, came up with a new progress regarding the hit application "Pokemon GO". The new update will feature improvements necessary to add interest and accuracy with the "Pokemon GO" for Android and iOS.

According to International Business Times, Niantic Labs decided to put 'Capture Location' in the application. This new feature will let any user see where a Pokemon was caught, with the information provided on the screen.

Not just that, the new update would also feature Pokemon GO Plus and Incense. This would allow any upgraded users to try and get a Pokemon on sight, using Incense with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory.

The latest updates also come with bug fixes and repairs. Two speculations spread regarding the bux fixes. Certain publications believe that the error that get users stuck on the loading screen has been fixed. Also, camera's slow speed during battles was also addressed accordingly.

According to Indian Express, Pokemon GO has been titled as the most downloaded mobile gaming application in the world, considering the fact that it was just launched a month ago. The numbers downloaded would roughly go around 100 million times on Android and iOs combined.

With this hit, products and updates were launched in relation to the Pokemon GO. One of this is the Pokemon GO Plus, a product that would let users play without using their Smartphones. It uses Bluetooth LE to pair to devices and produces light when Pokestop and Pokemons are encountered. Pressing the button provided in the Pokemon GO plus would actually mean catching the Pokemon or the item.

The gaming application also helped in the wellness of every user. The developers cleared that Pokemon GO users have already walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers during the course of playing the game.

With the added excitement and fun, Niantics Lab promises that the update won't end from the Capture Location. Other exciting things are coming its way, in relation to the Pokemon GO. 

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