Pokemon Go Update: New Feature Fills Your Pokedex A Lot Faster

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 11, 2016 05:28 AM EDT

Niantic has been so active spitting out their future updates with Pokemon Go such as the Legendary Events, PVP, Medal feature, some tweaks on the Gym Battle System and more. Despite being vocal these few weeks, currently, it appears that the developer has added some minor improvements to the PokeDex without announcing it ahead of time.

According to BGR, the Pokemon that you have encountered for the first time whenever you visit any gym location will now be added on your PokeDex. Before the said update, players need to encounter the Pokemon in the wild in order for that certain Pokemon to be added on each of their respective PokeDex. However, based on multiple reports from variety of players, you will now just past by any of the gyms around you for that Pokemon to fill out your PokeDex.

The said update is nothing major for the casual Pokemon Go players. In addition, players who have not played the game regularly would never notice the changes made by Niantic. However, with this new update, some players are a bit worried about their catching ratios since it would be expected to have more frequent encounters in the gym than the number of times a Pokemon was caught.

Thankfully, it was reported that the number of Pokemon Go gym encounters will be maxed out at 1. That means whenever you encountered a Pokemon in the gym once, the second encounter would not be counted. Even though it is just a minor update, but it would be a great first step towards encouraging Pokemon Go trainers moving towards the right direction.

On other news, Niantic also strengthening the Pokemon Go Gym Battle System when it comes to training. This time, players of the same team are now able to carry a maximum of 6 Pokemon compared to the previous of only 1. It seems like the next following updates from Pokemon Go will bring more excitement to the game as it slowly evolves into a more authentic Pokemon game.

Meanwhile, here are some of the expected features to arrive in Pokemon Go's future updates.


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