'Civilization 6' DLC Wishlist: Which Civs We Want To See Next

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Civilization 6 is a great game, bringing 19 civs in total. However, we cannot help but notice some missing civilizations. The DLCs of the previous installments brought new features and civs that enhanced the overall gameplay, but will it be the same in this iteration?

Here are five Civilization 6 civs we want to see in future updates:

Civilization 6 DLC Civ Wishlist: A South African Country

In the latest installment, we have Kongo and Egypt to represent Africa. The former is new to the series, which make for a cool new experience. However, iDigitalTimes think that the continent is still under-represented. Previous titles already featured Songhai, Mali and Ethopia, all of which are good enough civs that we want to see more of them.

Carthage is a nice choice, too, as it has a rich history. The Carthaginian Empire was certainly powerful before it fell to Rome. Should it come to Civilization 6, will it fall once more to the same empire?

Civilization 6 DLC Civ Wishlist: Persia

Curiously, we don't have Persia. The civ is included in every title, starting from the original Civilization up to Civilization 5. As far as I know, players are fond of Persia and I have yet to hear anyone complain about it. So why did Sid Meier choose to forego this empire this time? I am hoping for bigger things for this particular civ; which we should soon see in upcoming DLCs.

Civilization 6 DLC Civ Wishlist: A Southeast Asia Representative

Civilization 6 is not exactly devoid of Asian countries. We have Japan, China, India, Sumeria and Arabia. Even so, we want more specifically from Southeast Asia. The Philippines, perhaps? Led by the Filipino hero Jose Rizal, it was previously available as a mod. It would be cool to see it in Civ6 as it was never featured before in any titles.

We can also settle with Malaysia and Vietnam. Heck, they can include two or more Southeast Asian empires and fans would eat it all up.

Civilization 6 DLC Civ Wishlist: Korea

Civilization 3 to 5 all had the Korean dynasty included. It is even part of the original civs in the third and fourth installment then as a DLC in the fifth. I could see it becoming part of Civilization 6 again as a future update but not anytime soon. Should it really arrive - hopefully within a year or less - there might be a new leader. Last time was Sejong and before that was Wang Kon. This time, who will it be? There are a lot of historic figures in the country's history that it could be anyone at this point.

Civilization 6 DLC Civ Wishlist: A Native American Civilization

In light of the U.S.A. heading into a new world thanks to the elections, reports propose that Civilization 6 add more civilizations from the New World. We only have Aztec, which is currently available only to those who pre-ordered the game, so it would be nice to see another one (or two) as a DLC. Possible additions are Maya and the Inca, but we can hope for a fresh civ.

What civ would you like to see? Meanwhile, check our complete Civilization 6 civ guide here and learn which civ to choose for each type of victory here.

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