UFO Sightings In Hawaii Causes More Controversies: Aliens Creating A Hidden Base?

An unnamed UFO witness claimed to have uncovered a secret alien UFO base in Hawaii after allegedly seeing a flying saucer hovering around the mountainous range near Kaneohe Bay. UFO enthusiasts have then suggested that the incident deserves adequate attention as it can actually prove the existence of extraterrestrial life on Earth.

Late in October, the witness has reportedly then submitted the photographs that he had taken together with his sworn statement to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). In one of his statements reported by Health Aim, the witness explained that it was not his intention of looking for UFOs around the area since he was just taking photos at the time.

According to him, as he was trying to review the images that he had taken when he noticed the strange flying object. He added that at first, he thought of it as just a dust spec or wood chip on his camera lens, however, as tried to zoom the picture, he started realizing that it was a UFO.

The witnessed was at first skeptical about these kinds of life forms and occurrences. Apparently, after realizing that he has had the rare chance of taking an image of the stereotypical UFO, he could not help but stare in awe.

According to Tech Times, UFO enthusiasts who believe that conspiracy theories give them nothing but the truth are the same people who are convinced that there is indeed an alien life form and that they are secretly creating an alien base in Hawaii. Moreover, conspiracy theorists also believe that Hawaii, similar to Russia, is one of the hot spots of UFO invasion. They explained that it would really make sense for aliens to have their base in these places as it has the ability to hide it better than the other places on Earth.

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