GameStop Has Your Pokemon Sun And Moon Buying Worries Covered

Pokemon Sun and Moon are just around the corner, and yes, almost all fans can't wait to get hold of these games. But of course, before they can do that, they need to know where to buy the titles. For those who want to guarantee their Alola journey, GameStop is their savior. Read on why!

According to iDigital Times, the best option to get Pokemon Sun and Moon is to go straight to any local GameStop stores. In fact, Nintendo, the studio itself, release a detailed 51-page document showcasing the locations of the said store. And take note: this also includes the ones that'll be hosting certain events.

For Pokemon Sun and Moon players who live in the United States, know that Nintendo will unleash events in each state. So, as much as possible, it's best for fans to go out and check them. Also, for a much easier search process, the aforementioned store has a locator tool that anyone can use. Check it out here.

Pokemon Sun and Moon fans who pre-ordered the games will be given an exclusive double-sided poster. It's best, though, to go for the mid-night sale. Nevertheless, pre-orders are still up. And of course, GameStop isn't the only store selling the aforesaid Nintendo games.

Adding to the list of stores selling Pokemon Sun and Moon are Best Buy, Walmart and Target. However, reports suggest that they might just hold events occasionally --contrary to the aforementioned. Each of these also offer their very own store locator feature, so it's best go straight to their respective websites.

Apart from buying the physical copies, Pokemon Sun and Moon can also be acquired via download. Players just need to ensure that they have enough space on their SD cards. Sun has around 24,579 storage blocks. Moon, on the other hand, is slightly smaller at around 24,459 blocks. The game will unlock at 12 AM EST. As for the ones located in the West Coast, expect the games to go live at 9 PM PST.

What do you think about Pokemon Sun and Moon? Which game will you be buying? Did you pre-order already? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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