Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Leaked Pokedex Reveals Ultra Beasts, Legendary Pre-Evolutions And More

The Pokemon craze continues especially with the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Lots of fans are highly anticipating the games' arrival, which is scheduled next month. It's worth noting, though, that the their demo has already been released. But if there's one thing that caught the attention of the community, it's no other than the leaked Pokedex.

According to Forbes, the demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon has just been released, giving fans a look-see at what the game is all about. However, dataminers were able to ferret out more information thanks to the said demo. They have basically unraveled the mystery that surrounds the games' Pokedex.

Based on the leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex, fans have a glimpse of the Pokemon involved as well as their respective evolutions. And yes, this includes their Alola forms -- most especially for the classic ones. These are definitely worth investigating for.

All in all, it seems Pokemon Sun and Moon will offer a total of 800 Pokemon. And according to reports, it'll include even the strangest ones. In fact, the dataminers were able to reveal the so-called "ultra beasts" (there are eight of them). The latter are believed to be different from Pokemon as well as the Legendary creatures' pre-evolutions. Heck, the much talked about final evolutions for the starter species have been revealed, too.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is also believed to sport a formula that will allow the game to be more accessible to the community. The developers are also set to introduce a "trials," in replacement of the usual "gyms." These, in one way or another, will give the game a fresh new look.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is really shaping to be an interesting element in the franchise. Its forthcoming arrival will only cement the love that people have towards Pokemon -- something that Niantic's hit augmented reality game Pokemon GO has already done. The games are bound to hit the shelves come November 18.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as the leaked Pokedex? Are you excited for the upcoming games? To have a gander at what these leaks are all about, check out the two videos below. And oh, don't forget to let us know your thoughts at the comment section below!

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