Complete List Of Z Crystal Locations In Pokemon Sun And Moon To Unlock Every Z Move

Complete List Of Z Crystal Locations In Pokemon Sun And Moon To Unlock Every Z Move
The key to unlocking all Z Moves in Pokemon GO is knowing the locations of each Z Crystal. Photo : JohneAwesome

There's a lot of reasons why people just simply love Pokemon Sun and Moon. From the storyline it offers down to the in-game mechanics, these are all interesting features to experience. Among these is the Z Crystals, a new mechanic Nintendo introduced to the 7th Generation. Before we go to the brass tacks, let's discuss a couple of details first.

What Are Z Crystals In Pokemon Sun And Moon?

In a sense, this is the counterpart of Mega Evolutions found in Pokemon X and Y. These are basically crystals that players can use to unlock a Pokemon's special Z Move. And take note: the latter is considered as the most powerful moves a creature can do in the games.

It's worth noting, though, that Pokemon Sun and Moon players can only perform one single Z Move in every battle. Hence it's best to choose the most apt Pokemon and/or Crystal. This is also why players, in one way or another, need to somehow strategize their battle attacks.

The Two Kinds Of Z Crystals In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Apparently, there are two kinds of Z Crystals in either of the games. One is specifically there for every elemental type Pokemon. This allows players to replace a certain move of that creature with its corresponding Z Move. The other one is only meant for very specific monsters. And with that, it can only replace a specific individual move.

List Of Z Crystal Locations In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Knowing the specific locations of Z Crystal in Pokemon Sun and Moon is of utmost importance. Because through it, players will have the opportunity to unlock every Z Move that's made available in the game. Note that the list (as follows) individually contains the crystals based on the story. It also includes the ones players can find either off track or through quests/steps. (The latter is true for all specific Pokemon).

Normalium Z Crystal And Fightinium Z

Considered as a Normal Z Crystal, it offers the move called Breakneck Blitz. This one here can be found in Verdant Cavern and Illima Trial, both of which are part of the game's storyline. Fightinium Z, on the other hand, is a fighting Z Crystal with All-Out Pummeling as its Z Move. It can be found as part of the story, particularly in the Kahuna Hala Grand Trial.

Waterium Z And Firium Z

Waterium Z in Pokemon Sun and Moon is a Water Z Crystal. It can be discovered in Lana's Trial at the Brooklet Hill, with a Z Move called Hydro Vortex. As for Firium Z, this Fire Z Crystal is located at the Captain Kiawe's Trial (Volcano Park). It features the Inferno Overdrive move.

Grassium Z And Rockium Z

Deemed as a Grass Z Crystal, Grassium Z offers the move called Bloom Doom. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, it can be found in Captain Mallow's Trial at Lush Jungle. Meanwhile, Rockium Z (a Rock Z Crystal) is from the Kahuna Oliva, which is specifically at the Akala Grand Trial. Players who'll acquire this will be treated to the Z Move called Continental Crush.

Electrium Z And Steelium Z

As the name suggests, it's an Electric Z Crystal with Gigavolt Havoc as its move. It can be discovered in the games' story, particularly on the Trial at Hokulani Observatory. Steelium Z, on the other hand, is a Steel Z Crystal that offers the Corkscrew Crash. Fans can easily obtain this at the location same as the Electrium Z.

Ghostium Z And Buginium Z

The first one is a Ghost Z Crystal, and gives players the Never-Ending Nightmare move. Look for it at Acerola's Trial on Route 14. Buginium Z, a Bug Z Crystal, offers the Z Move called Savage Spin-Out. Just simply look for the chest next to Guzma's throne in Po Town

Darkinium Z And Poisonium Z

The Dark Z Crystal called Darkinium Z is synonymous to the Z Move called Black Hole Eclipse. This can be found by meeting Officer Nanu at Malie City in Pokemon Sun and Moon. As for Poisonium Z, the Poison Z Crystal, gives players the Acid Downpour move. It can be acquired at the Plumeria in Vast Poni Canyon

Groundium Z And Dragonium Z

Ground Z Crystal is the Groundium Z, with a Z Move called Tectonic Rage. Look for this one at Hapu in Vast Poni Canyon. Dragonium Z, on the other hand is a Dragon Z Crystal with Ultimate Dragon Burn being its special move. Go to the pedestal after beating Vast Poni Canyon Trial, and this will be obtained.

Tapunium Z And Decidium Z

Tapunion Z is aTapu Z Crystal. Players can acquire the Guardian of Alola Z Move, though have to have the Nature's Madness. This should be received after defeating Tapu Koku following Pokémon League win. As for the Decidium Z, which is a Decidueye Z Crystal, Siniter Arrow is its Z Move. However, remember to have the Spirit Shackle. This can be acquired either defeating Kuku at Malie Garder -- which will only happen after Guzma is defeated - or straight from Hau once the credits roll.

Incinium Z And Primarium Z

Incineror Z Crystal (Darkest Lariat required) is next to Incinium Z, which offers the Malicious Moonsault. Primarium Z (Primarina Z Crystal), on the other hand, is synonymous to the Z Move called Oceanic Operetta. Both of these can be obtained by follow the process Decidium Z (above) offers.

Icium Z And Fairium Z

Since the first one is an Ice Z Crystal, it's only right that it's move is called Subzero Slammer. Just simply got to Mount Lankakila, and go right at the first opportunity after entering. As for the Fairy Crystal Z Fairium Z, it offers the Twinkle Tackle. Players can go to Mina, the artist outside on the bridge in Vast Poni Canyon, to get it.

Flyinium Z And Pikanium Z

Flyinium Z is a Flying Z Crystal with Supersonic Strike as its Z Move. Just go use Machamp to move the boulder near the exit in Ten Carat Hill. Meanwhile, Pikanium Z, a Pikachu Z Crystal (Volt Tackle required) is all about the Z Move Catastropika. It's located in Konikoni City. There, go straight to lady surrounded by Pikachu in grass area north of the city

Aloraichium Z And Snorlium Z

The Alolan Raichu Z Crystal Aloraichum Z offers the Stoked Sparksurfer. Getting it is simple. Player must chat to woman inside a house in Seafolk Village with Alolan Raichu in your squad, and viola - it's theirs for the taking. As for Snorlium Z, the Snorlax Z Crystal, the Z move is Pulverizing Pancake (yummy!). The process of acquiring it is a bit different, though. That's because it can only be obtained through the Mystery Gift Munchlax event giveaway, which will last until January 11, 2017

Eevium Z

Last on the list is the Eevee Z Crystal Eevium Z in. It offers the Z Move called Extreme Evoboost. The key here is to find Kagetora and defeat all eight Eevee trainers. Yes, as simple as that.

Note that this list doesn't include two other Z Crystals in Pokemon Sun and Moon. These are called the Marshadium Z and Mewnium Z. Nonetheless, more info about these should surface anytime soon. We'll update the list as well as soon as that day arrives.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon Sun and Moon list of Z Crystals? What's your favorite Z Move in the game? How many have you acquired already? Share to us your answers at the comment section below!

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