Pokemon Sun And Moon Are GameStop's Bestsellers; Outperform Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon took the mobile gaming industry by storm. It suddenly became a hit, enough to dethrone Pokemon GO from its spot. Sure, others may still be skeptical about; however, when there's an official report from GameStop itself, it's hard not to believe. Read on to know!

According to GameSpot (not to be mistaken for the retail company), the recent earnings call meeting of GameStop mentioned the aforementioned games being their best-performing titles or products. The pre-orders, in particular, totally raised the bar. It's even deemed as the highest for any game the company has ever sold in five straight years.

Pokemon Sun and Moon even surpassed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The latter reportedly underperformed, leading to its drastic decline. The specifics, however, were not revealed by the said chain retailer of new and/or used video games.

Aside from the rise of the above mentioned Pokemon games, Nintendo's forthcoming brand new console called Nintendo Switch is also on the rise. GameStop mentioned that 27 percent of their overall PowerUp Rewards members are looking to purchase the system. This percentage or figure is even expected to go higher once the console launches.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the aforesaid store is deemed as one of the best shops to buy Pokemon Sun and Moon. After all, Nintendo itself released a 51-page document featuring the multiple locations of the video game store. It's safe to say that the company is one of the studio's reliable seller.

Although it's true that Pokemon Sun and Moon are a popular choice in GameStop, it can't be denied that the retail company is still having troubles in terms of revenue and profit. That's because its sales -- in totality -- is hurting. It seems to be a scene year after year.

It's too early, though, to conclude the fate of the company. Besides, the newest Pokemon games have just been released. So, in a sense, it may give leverage to the company's reputation in the market. Well, only time can tell for sure.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon being the biggest products at GameStop? Are you also playing these titles from Nintendo? How was it so far? Be sure to share to us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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