Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Conquer Battle Royal Like A Pro

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Conquer Battle Royal Like A Pro
In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Battle Royal is unlike any other competitive battles out there. It requires players to know which Pokemon to use as well as own an effective strategy. Photo : shofu/YouTube

Although the idea of Pokemon Sun and Moon might be similar to other Pokemon games, the way the two are played are quite different. This is thanks to online multiplayer contents that Nintendo introduced. One of these is called Battle Royal, a mode that lets players compete against each other. And make no mistake: it isn't that easy. This guide, however, will help you conquer the mode the right way.

What Is Battle Royal In Pokemon Sun And Moon

First things first, players need to understand the concept of this mode. In its most organic form, it's where they'll face against other trainers in a match where death is the deciding factor. Once all of your three Pokemon are knocked out or defeated, you're completely out of the match. As for the trainer who's able to knock out most of the creatures during the match (and has the most species left), he/she is declared the winner. But remember: this isn't the kind of battle that the likes of Pokemon GO introduces. Why? That's because it requires one to have a good grip of his/her monsters as well as an effective strategy.

Switching In Pokemon Sun And Moon Doesn't Do Good

Contrary to popular belief, switch-ins in Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royal is actually a bad idea. Sure, in any competitive battles, such technique will do the trick. However, in Nintendo's title, it isn't the case. That's because there will be at least three other Pokemon ready to target yours. And unless of course yours are fast enough to transition, chances are, they'll not become vulnerable. The idea is to instead choose the best monsters and try to stick with them throughout the battle.

Do Lots Of Practice In Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal Dome

Seriously, practice makes perfect. You can only gain access to Battle Royal Dome once you've reached the Akala Island. After which, you can practice by fighting AI trainers. While they're computer generated opponents, they can still be a hard one to chew. So, as much as possible, treat it as a real fight. Here, you can study which creatures are apt for the mode. Or perhaps, you can come up with a plan that'll help you win the matches. Use this to your advantage. Besides, it's placed there for a certain purpose -- to help you, that is.

Hide Your Weakness In Pokemon Sun And Moon

In every competitive matches -- be it in Pokemon Sun and Moon or not -- players tend to find the weakness of other opponents. And once they do, they try to use this to leverage themselves in fights. So, on your part, be sure to hide it. Try not to reveal it to your competitors. This only means that you have to have a particular moveset that'll help you hide the weakness of your Pokemon. Say for instance, you have a Pokemon that's considered the weakest in your line-up; as much as possible, try not to deploy it earlier in the fight. Use it alternatively, or in situations that are necessary.

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