Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips And Tricks In 3DS You Probably Don't Know

Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips And Tricks In 3DS You Probably Don't Know
There are plenty of tips and tricks in Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS that you can use to help your gameplay. Photo : Crunchii/YouTube

With the release of the Pokemon Sun and Moon, Poke trainers are busy more than ever with the lot of content that they have to work with. Uncovering every Pokemon would take too much time. But in the case of the Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS, here are some tips and tricks that you have not been told. The good thing is you came by this post to know what they are. A word of warning: what you are about to read here are not your normal slew of Pokemon tips. So if you are ready, here are some special secrets that you should take note of the next time you play to make your gameplay better.

Get A Rare Pokemon A Day With Island Scan Ability

One of the most useful features of Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS is the Island Scan ability. With this ability, you can get a rare Pokemon every day. But before that, you should have 100 QR points first to be able to scan one of the four islands and get your share of rare Pokemon. The Pokemon that you will catch also follow a schedule and will depend on the day and place.

QR Codes Make Poke Hunting Easier In The Alola Region

If you want to easily capture Pokemon in the Alola Region, especially rare ones, you can always use QR codes that you either found online or the ones that your friends share with you. All you have to do is scan the QR code that you have and you will be able to easily tack them in Alola, wherever they might be hiding. Find a Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon by selecting them in your Pokedex, press A and scroll through the four islands to see where your chosen Pokemon has its habitat. Pokemon Habitats will be marked with an X so you can easily find them.

Ditto Is Very Important

If your Pokedex lacks enough females for breeding purposes, you don't have to worry anymore if you have Ditto. All Pokemon, including those without a gender, are compatible to breed with Ditto. Basically, this is the one Pokemon that would be your perfect breeding solution for your gameplay in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

You Can Stop Evolutions

Evolutions make Pokemon powerful. But since some of them become your best pals, there comes a time when you never want to see them change. If you want to stop their evolution for the moment, all you have to do is press and hold down the B button while they evolve. But of course, they will still evolve once all the requirements are met for leveling up. But you can just do the holding down again of the B button. So yeah, Rockruff will remain your super-cute buddy forever until you change your mind.

Rebattling Trial Captains Mean More Rewards

Trial Captains will return home and leave their designated areas once you defeated the Island Kahuna in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But you can go to their homes and do a rebattle with them to get some amazing rewards. For example, you can get new Poke-Throws for every Trial Captain you defeat in a rebattle. You can also receive TMs or some other rare items for every win.

You Can Catch Bagon And Salamence Early On Route 3

Bagon and Salamence are supremely rare and catching both of them early in the game earns you some well-deserved bragging rights. There's a slim chance of about one percent that Bagon will spawn on a certain patch of grass on Melemele Island in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The exact location would be at the north end of Route 3 where there is a bridge. Go south, enter the tall grass on the right, find the daily berry tree and you're there. The chances for Bagon to Spawn and summon Salamence for help is very likely during an S.O.S. call and this is one of those times that you should be alert and on guard to catch them both.

S.O.S. Pokemon Are Better Catch

If you can catch an S.O.S. Pokemon, do it. These variants of Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon usually have higher EVs, they are rarely shiny and comes with hidden and special moves. An S.O.S. Pokemon is good news to your Pokedex and will be very good for your base stats in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

You Change The Time In Pokemon Moon

The Alola region will be night time for Pokemon Moon players even if it's daytime in real life. This might become a problem if you wish to search for evolving Pokemon or Zygarde cells. Don't worry though; you can remedy this by changing the in-game time but NOT the system clock of Pokemon Moon. Just enter the portal found in the Altar of the Sunne or Moone with either Solgaleo or Lunala. This will automatically invert the time so you can happily hunt whatever the time of day it might be.

Thrifty Megamart Is The Big-Box Shop For All Your Poke Needs

Akala Island has the Thrifty Megamart on Royal Avenue. This is the shop you go to to look for everything you might need in the game especially Premier Balls. Why, these Pokeballs lets you catch Pokemon monsters and since you will be catching a lot, you will also need a lot of them. If possible, in unlimited number. For every 10 Poke Balls you buy at Thrifty Megamart, you get one free Premier Ball.

Poke Beans Are Currencies In Poke Pelago

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Poke beans are not just meant to feed your Pokemon. They are actually valuable currencies that you can use to easily and efficiently upgrade the Poke Pelago. The Isle Abeens in Poke Pelago is the only place where you will find Poke Beans. When you get there, shake the tree as much as you can to help you earn as much beans that you will need into the game. Remember, the more Poke Beans you have, the more efficient your upgrade will be in Poke Pelago.

Create New Animations By Being Friendly

When you increase friendship in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you also help your trainer avatar change or experience new animations. Don't be surprised when you suddenly see your trainer cheering while in the midst of battle. This only means that you have a high connection to your Pokemon. Animations are also likely to change when your Pokemon do super-effective moves, throw them into combat or swap them.

More TMs Equals Higher Happiness For Pokemon

Obviously, giving Pokemon TMs in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the best way to increase your Pokemon's happiness. You can do this by getting two TMs and training your Pokemon constantly using two alternating moves. In short, always pay attention to your Pokemon. You may not want to train them but you can always give them a massage or simply pay them lots of love and pet them according to how they should be petted, which leads us to our next point.

All Pokemon Reacts Differently - Even To Petting

Petting Pokemon is the traditional way of raising their happiness. However, no two Pokemon are alike. This means that each Pokemon will react differently when you pet them with your hand. Take for example, some Pokemon need plenty of petting. Others, when you pet them with your hand, will leave your palm stuck in slime. You can avoid mishaps like this by going through the whole roster that the Pokemon Sun and Moon have thrown in to check out the little details of how you can pet your Pokemon properly.

Open The Pokedex By Tapping Rotom Between The Eyes

If you love shortcuts, the Pokemon Sun and Moon version in 3DS has a good one for you. The Rotom Pokedex is already super useful when you play the game. But when his face is up on the lower screen, you can tap him between the eyes to instantly open your Pokedex. This way, you won't have to tap too many buttons just to get to your most useful Pokemon index.

Press Y To Check EVs

Usually, checking EVs only applies to advanced players in Pokemon Sun and Moon. If you are not an advanced player, the EV stat will be hidden as usual. But not if you know how to show it. How? Just open the Pokemon menu, choose the Summary for the Pokemon stat that you want to check then click Y to see the EV stats right away.

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