Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Level Up Fast; Best Grinding Locations And Strategies

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Leveling up your Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon is one of the most requested guides for Nintendo's latest 3DS game. If you plan on having several strong Pokemon, the fastest way to do it still requires a bit of grinding. Nonetheless, here's a useful guide on how to level up fast in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Double The XP In Pokemon Sun And Moon

First and foremost, before you head straight into leveling up your Pokemon, you need to get your hands on the very first Lucky Egg within the game. After you've beaten the first trial given by Ilima, if you go back to Professor Kukui in his Lab on Ten Carat Hill, he will give you one Lucky Egg. This Lucky Egg will give you extra experience in battle to the Pokemon holding it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon doesn't really offer a place to train, but before you go to the next island, leveling up your Pokemon a little bit in advance will give you a slight advantage when you proceed to the next trials or quest. You can level up a bit among the tall grass around Ten Carat Hill or in Verdant Cavern. Once that's done, the next island is Akala. Head toward Paniola Ranch, by this point you will need to be at level 15. Miltanks around the area gives the most XP and will let you hit level 20 in no time.

The next good grinding spot is the Akala Outskirts. You'll encounter a lot of Wingulls in this spot but the Pokemon you want are the Raticates. The Alolan Raticates within this area spawns at about 30-40 percent rate which is reasonably high but will give you insane amounts of XP. It's possible to grind here up to level 30 in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

You can skip Ula'ula Island since there isn't much grinding spot there. This is a great chance to just play the game and enjoy the quest line for those who are trying to level up while simultaneously doing the trials in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The best island to grind is Poni Island since there's a lot more of wild Pokemon located there.

The place you want to head to in Poni Island is Vast Poni Canyon, which contains a ton of wild Pokemon most of which are level 40 and up. This a great place to grind if you're level 35 in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The next grinding spot to head to is the Altar of Sun or Moon, depending on the version of the game you have.

Powerleveling In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon who gives the most experience in the Altar are Lycanroc, Skarmory, and Machoke. After attaining a decent number of level tiers, if you still want to grind before taking on The Elite Four and reach level 60-70, go back to Melemele Island into Hau'oli City. Head for the shopping district's mall next to the Pokemon Center, go straight until you enter the Battle Buffet, which is a restaurant that lets you face off against Pokemon trainers with level 50 Pokemon.

You can only visit the restaurant once a day, and have 'ten turns' in total to battle against a Pokemon trainer, all of whom only have one Pokemon each. So it's important to note that if a single battle took you 'three turns' then you only have seven turns left over all. If your Pokemon Sun and Moon game already blocked you from entering the Battle Buffet because you've already visited the restaurant, you can either wait a day or change the time on your DS. And that's how you level up fast in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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