Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Salamence Very Early

Pokemon Sun and Moon | How to Get Salamence Easily on the First Island
You can catch a level 10 Salamence on the first island in Pokemon Sun and Moon - here's how you do it!
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Players of Nintendo's newest Pokemon game are mapping out their strategies, enjoying the game while trying to get the best start efficiently. What better way to have that advantage early in the game than by getting Salamence? Salamence is a strong Flying/Dragon type Pokemon that you can easily get early in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

How To Get Salamence Early In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Players can actually catch a Salamence early in the game, on the first island in fact, in Pokemon Sun and Moon. To catch a Salamence early in Melemele Island, a bit of preparation and patience is required. Firstly, you need to finish you first island trial against the Totem Gumshoo to unlock the SOS mechanic of Pokemon calling for help.

Once the SOS mechanic is introduced, Pokemon in the wild will call for help once their HP becomes low enough. Secondly, you need to have completed the Mallows Trial to unlock the Adrenaline Orb. It's a new item introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon that makes Pokemon in the wild more likely to call for help during battle, which you can purchase from general stores at any Pokemon Center.

Thirdly, prepare to have a Pokemon with the move False Swipe. It's a restrained attack that keeps the opposing Pokemon from fainting and is always left with at least 1 HP. It's a very handy skill to have when you want to catch Pokemon and if you want to make your life a lot easier.

Get Pokemon Sun And Moon's Salamence In Melemele Island

Head over to Route 3 on Melemele Island located at the right-hand side. Go down to the bridge and cross over to the other side. Avoid going to the right because you'll never find a Bagon in the patch of grass there.

Go down the path then veer off to the right to the patch of grass next to a berry tree. If you have enough patience, in that patch of grass there is a small chance to spawn a Bagon. This is where False Swipe will come in handy because if you killed the Bagon accidentally, then you will have to go through the tedious process of finding one again and that could take hours.

Once you find a Bagon, use False Swipe until its HP reaches 1. After that, proceed to use the Adrenaline Orb and the Bagon will now call for help. A new Pokemon will appear, usually another Bagon. Kill the new Pokemon that appears but leave the original at 1 health. If no Pokemon appears, use a move that won't damage the remaining Bagon, or use Adrenaline Orb again. This will make you lose a turn without having to deplete your Adrenaline Orb stock if it is still in effect.

This process may take a long time but once the PP of the original Bagon has been depleted, it then proceeds to summon and call for a Level 10 Salamence's help. You can now kill the original Bagon and then catch the Salamence. And that's how you catch a Salamence early in Pokemon Sun And Moon.


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