Pokemon Sun And Moon Evolution Guide Tips: How To Evolve Pokemon At The Shortest Possible Time

Pokemon Sun and Moon is currently out now and players are eager to evolve their creatures in the shortest time possible. Fortunately, someone found a possible way to make that happen.

Happy Pokemon Evolves Faster

Pokemon Sun and Moon's evolution system requires that players must max out the happiness level of their creature before it can evolve to the next level. Making your Pokemon happy all the time however can be quite tedious at best. Luckily, a Reddit user reportedly found a way to make this easier. 

Technical Machines Needed

First, players will need Technical Machines or TM that will suit their Pokemon. TM is generally used to teach Pokemon attack moves that it cannot learn the natural way. Examples of TM are Ice Beam, Taunt or Hyper Beam. Unlike the previous Pokemon games, TMs are no longer a one-time deal but could be reused over and over again. There are about a hundred Technical Machines scattered in Pokemon Sun and Moon world. Some of the TMs are free while some are for sale.

TM Spamming Method

Reddit poster Leafeon111 shared some of his methods to increase Pokemon happiness in the quickest possible way. Players will need two TMs for this method to work. Change one of your Pokemon move with one of the TM. Then replace the TM learned with the second TM. Keep replacing the two TMs for at least five to ten minutes.

Once the Pokemon happiness level has reached its peak, player can now level up their Pokemon. By the way, players can check their Pokemon happiness level with the happiness checker located by the TM Shop in Konikoni City. The TM spamming method however does not seem to work with other Pokemon Sun and Moon players.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is latest Pokemon RPG from Nintendo for the 3DS. The game was released on November 18, 2016. There are also rumors that the upcoming Nintendo Switch will have its own version of Pokemon Sun and Moon next year.

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