Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Beat Every Trial In The Games

The False Swipe Move in Pokemon Sun and Moon is reported to be among the best moves to use when capturing a legendary or wild Pokemon.
The False Swipe Move in Pokemon Sun and Moon is reported to be among the best moves to use when capturing a legendary or wild Pokemon. Photo : Shofu / YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon are probably the best Pokemon games so far. It offers a wide-range of features, most of which are something that fans have been looking for. One of these is the Trial feature -- a system that replaces the known gym battles in Pokemon GO particularly. And yes, the experience so far is quite rewarding. Fans love it. Nevertheless, for those who're having a hard time, this guide is quite useful to have. It'll give you concrete knowledge on how to beat these trials in the games.

Verdant Cavern

This is the first trial in Nintendo's hit games. Here, you'll be facing IIima on the Melemele Island. In Sun, you have to face two Yungoos (level 11 each); in Moon, you'll be up against two Rattatas. Once you're in the third and final stage, Team Skull will be the one you'll fighting. This means fighting the either the level 12 Gumshoos or Raticate, depending on the version you're playing.

Once you're done, you're off against the Totem Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You'll discover that it's able to call a wild creature. If you're facing Gumshoos, a level 11 Yungoos will appear. If you're up against Raticate, expect a Rattata to be summoned. Once the trial is done, you'll acquire the Normalium Z as well as a total of 10 Great Balls.

Kahuna Hala

Here, you have to return to the Iki Town where you'll be facing your rival's grandfather Hau. The latter is basically Melemele Island's Kahuna Hala. Remember that whatever fighting types you used in the Verdant Cavern don't necessarily work here. You have to watch out for the Crawbrawler at the end, as it's equipped with the Z Move called Fightinium Z. The idea is to keep a tanky Pokemon enough to withstand the Crawbrawler's attacks. And oh, don't forget to heal your monsters as well. Once done, you'll receive the Z Crystal Fightinium Z, access to Akala island and a Ride Page equipped with Tauros Charge.

Akala Trial Brooklet Hill

In this trial, it's best for Pokemon Sun and Moon players to save their Z Move for Type: Null (level 18). Use the hardest, possible moves you have. As for Zubat, it shouldn't give you much hassle or trouble. When you enter the Brooklet Hill, you'll be asked of a favor from Lana. Using the Ride Page you acquired from Kahuna Hala trial, she can enable it to call for Lapras. Investigate the place she'll assign you and you should be facing off against a level 17 Pokemon called Wishiwashi. Once this trial is done, you'll receive a Waterium Z. This will give you the capability of unlocking the Z Move called Hydro Vortex.

Akala Trial Wela Volcano

When you're in Route 7, you'll find there the Wela Volcano. But you have to meet the place's captain Kiawe first. On your way there, you can catch a Cubone, a Pokemon that'll help you throughout this trial. Once the peak of the volcano is reached, Kiawe will offer you a quiz. And yes, you should be able to answer it. Once this trial is done, you can own the Firium Z, the ability to summon Charizard (using the Ride Pager) and 10 Quick Balls.

To check the other trials with their corresponding notes in Pokemon Sun and Moon, go to Serebii. It'll give you a nice heads-up on the forthcoming battles you'll be facing. But be weary, as there are spoilers ahead. If you want to experience the main storyline all by yourself, it's best not to check it.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide? How was the trials so far? Have you overcame them already? Share your experience at the comment section below!

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